When Sleep is Not the Issue


People with sleep difficulties will very often find that their problems with sleep spill out into other areas of their life and emotional wellbeing.

We consider working on this very much part of the work that we do.

It is also very common for insomnia and mental health difficulties to exist alongside one another. In these cases, clinical guidance suggests that insomnia should be treated in it’s own right, rather than simply as a symptom of whatever else is going on. In cases like this, we will take time to plan the treatment and tailor it to your specific needs.

However, when sleep isn’t an issue and if you or a loved one is experiencing mental health difficulties outside the realm of sleep medicine, we are delighted to be able to recommend our colleagues at Psychology Oxford. Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams and his team specialise in the psychological treatment of anxiety and depression as well as other mental health difficulties. They see both children and their families, as well as adults and are located in the heart of Oxford.