Behavioural Sleep Medicine


Although insomnia is probably the most common sleep problem that people experience, it's not the only sleep disorder. In fact, when people are struggling with another sleep disorder, such as Circadian Rhythm Disorders, Restless Legs Syndrome or even Non-REM parasomnias such as confusional arousals or sleep-walking, insomnia may also be part of the picture. 

There is a growing evidence-base for the usefulness of what is known as Behavioural Sleep Medicine (BSM) approaches to the management and treatment of many of these sleeping problems. These approaches focus both on the behavioural elements of the difficulties (e.g. what we’re doing during the day and night that might be contributing to the problem) and on the cognitive and emotional elements of the problem too (e.g. such as how daytime anxiety may be affecting the problem).

Here at Sleep Well Oxford, we’ll use our expertise in Sleep and Sleep Disorders to help you make sense of what’s going on for you and get you back to sleeping well. 

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