Working to create a world in which we can all sleep well.

Using scientific, evidence-based treatment to help people get back to sleep.



We work with all sorts of people who have trouble sleeping and help get them back to sleeping well. You can approach us yourself, although we also take referrals from clinicians and insurance companies. All of our work is done with virtual appointments, so you can be in the privacy of your office or the comfort of your home, with your treatment creating minimal disruption.

OTHER Sleep disorders

Where appropriate and helpful to do so, we also work with people with other sleep disorders such as Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD) or Restless Legs Syndrome. There are emerging evidence-bases to suggest that cognitive-behavioural interventions can be a helpful element to treatment for conditions such as these. If you are unsure of whether or not we could help you, send us an email and we'll give you an honest answer.


We are passionate about improving knowledge of non-pharmacological sleep treatments. We want to help other clinicians to be able to offer better quality and more up to date treatment and advice to their patients. Dr Gavriloff and associates train doctors, psychologists and other clinicians in the approaches that we use. Please get in touch if you would like more information about the training we offer.

Sleep is like a dove which has landed near one’s hand, and stays there as long as one does not pay any attention to it
— Dr Viktor Frankl